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Learn how to speak in deli terminology. Yiddish definitions and whit-isms by Joe and Rhoda will add some spice to your everyday conversation! Whether you're Jewish or not, you may be wondering what we mean when you hear us say:

Bagel Joe - The Boss.

Bagelette - A baby bagel.

Blintz -A crepe.

Brisket Knish - Homemade brisket filled pastry dough. Featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!! Guy loved the brisket. See also the matzo ball soup and kishka.

Bubbie - Grandmother.

Bupkis - Nada, nothing or as your friends say, "He's not worth bupkis!"

Challah - Braided egg bread.

Chicken Soup with matzo balls  -Jewish penicillin. Featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This is the real medicine to cure what ails you. Like Bubbe said, "It might not help, but it couldn't hurt!"

Chutzpah - A lotta noive (nerve for those who don't live in The City).

Fresser - a good eater.

Gefilte Fish - It's fish. And it used to swim. That's about all we know.

Gribenes -Bits of fried chicken skin. A delicacy to those who know, and you know who you are.

Guy Fieri - Food Network host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and friend of The Bagel Deli. Thanks Guy!!

Horseradish - Jewish salsa.

Kasha - Buckwheat

Kishke - Kinda like stuffing. Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives thought it was like a matzo ball gone wild!! He gets a kick out of kishke.

Kreplach -Jewish won-ton.

Kugel - Noodles with things.

Kvetch - Whine (and we all know The Bagel is a no kvetching zone)

Latke - A potato pancake, served with sour cream & applesauce.

Lox - Sunday's breakfast of smoked salmon.

Mandel Bread - Jewish biscotti.

Maven - An expert

Mensch - A good person.

Meshugah - Crazy

Nosh - A little bite to eat. No calories cause it's just a nosh.

Nu? - New (So what's up?)

Oy - Oy

Pate - Chopped Liver at a fancy party

Pletzel - Flat onion bread.

Prake - Stuffed cabbage.

Rugelach - Mini strudel.

Sailor on Shore Duty - Corned beef sandwich (In WWII, Seabees were sailors that did repairs...get it Seabee=CB)

Schmaltz  -Cooking fat.

Schmear -Spread on a bagel.

Schmooze - Talk, talk, talk.

Schnorrer - A beggar, someone who takes advantage

Shlep - To carry or drag, even yourself - "Let's shlep to the mall."

Tochis - Rear end (butt)

Tsuris - Trouble

Zaidy - Grandfather

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    “One of the best breakfasts I've ever had. I had the lox eggs and onions with homefries. The food was just right, the coffee perfectly hot, and the staff where very attentive. I will definitely be back.” - Andrew B.

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    “LOVED our enormous amounts of food. Server was great. Price was just right. YUM.” - Jennifer P.

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    “Everyone is so friendly and the food is amazing!!! Will definitely be going back asap!” - Christina A.

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    “They have GLUTEN FREE deliciousness! Oh my the GF cheesecake bar was to die for. Thank you for helping this gluten-intolerant person get her cheesecake fix!!” - Jessica K.

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    “I always enjoy my experience at the Bagel Deli. The staff is great, the food is consistent and made with love,
    and they are QUICK.” - Chad S.

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