Bagel, Lox & Homemade Cream Cheese

The Classic Reuben

Eggs Bagel-Dict with Home Fries

Knish, Kishke with Gravy & Matzo Ball Soup


Rugelach and Other Baked Goods

Party Trays

Meat Trays

Meat Tray

Minimum 10 people.
3 trays to choose from

Deluxe Tray
A Denver classic. Generous portions of meat and cheese, a separate relish tray, a salad and lots of bread. $11.95

Cocktail Tray
A small version of our deluxe tray with meats, cheese and relishes to suit lighter appetites. $10.00

The Plain Jane
Meat and cheese only. Fill your other needs from our deli counter (perfect for parties where everyone brings a different course). $9.00

Finger Sandwich Tray $75 - $85 Minimum

Bagelette Sandwiches Tray

Bagelettes schmeared with assorted toppings (egg salad, chopped liver, corned beef & swiss, lox & homemade cream cheese to name a few)

$75 Minimum order for meats & cheeses with salad

$85 Minimum order for lox & cream cheese only

Minimum 40 finger sandwiches.

Cheese & Fresh Fruit Tray $6.50 per person

A perfect blending of two favorites. Just the right touch for cocktail parties or bridge club.

Minimum 10 people.

Box Lunches

sandwich, salad, fruit and dessert plus small drink we work so you can play $11.95 per person!
sandwich, salad, fruit and a drink or dessert $10.50 per person
above boxes $2.00 less with 1/2 sandwich

Appetizer Tray $8.95 per person

Our own chopped liver, homemade egg salad, chunks of kosher salami & hard salami and cheese around a relish bowl; choose crackers, mini-bagels or pletzel.

Minimum 10 people.

Fish Trays $10.95-$15.95 per person

Fish Tray

A gourmet fish lover's delight. Smoked salmon (lox), fresh smoked cod(sable) and whitefish salad served with bagels and homemade cream cheese, sliced cheeses and cole slaw, potato salad or fresh fruit salad(seasonal). $15.95

Same as above, but substitute tuna salad or salmon salad for cod(sable), and save. $13.95

Lox and cream cheese with lots of fresh bagels. $10.95

Minimum 10 people.

Served with tomatoes,onions, capers and cucumbers

Relish Trays

Relish Tray

Minimum 10 people.

The Traditional Relish Tray
Pickles, pickled tomatoes, green and black olives, cherry peppers; included with all meat trays.

$4.50 per person

Fresh Vegetables with Dip
Assorted dipping vegetables: carrot & celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and zucchini; dressing as a dip.

$4.50 per person

Fresh Fruit Tray $5.50 per person

Seasonal fruits - availability limited

Minimum 10 people.

Cheese Tray $5.95 per person

Choose from domestic and imported cheeses - Swiss, Baby Swiss, Wisconsin Muenster, Cheddar and many more. Chunks and slices surround a bowl of crackers.

Minimum 15 people.

Full-size Sandwich Tray $11.95 per person

Our regular size sandwiches cut into thirds, served with salad and relishes.
Minimum 10 sandwiches.

Dessert Tray $6.00 per person

Dessert Tray

A delicious array of homemade sweets: strudels, cakes, brownies, lemon bars and rugelach.

Minimum 10 people.

Delicious Desserts

Whole Cakes

Cheesecake $35.00

DBL Chocolate $35.00

Apple Bundt $17.95

Banana Cake $12.95

Coffee Cake $10.95

Whole Strudel $12.95

Pan Brownie $12.95
w/nut or w/o nuts

What our amazing customers say:

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    “One of the best breakfasts I've ever had. I had the lox eggs and onions with homefries. The food was just right, the coffee perfectly hot, and the staff where very attentive. I will definitely be back.” - Andrew B.

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    “LOVED our enormous amounts of food. Server was great. Price was just right. YUM.” - Jennifer P.

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    “Everyone is so friendly and the food is amazing!!! Will definitely be going back asap!” - Christina A.

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    “They have GLUTEN FREE deliciousness! Oh my the GF cheesecake bar was to die for. Thank you for helping this gluten-intolerant person get her cheesecake fix!!” - Jessica K.

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    “I always enjoy my experience at the Bagel Deli. The staff is great, the food is consistent and made with love,
    and they are QUICK.” - Chad S.

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